Official List of CMMC Auditors

Posted on March 6, 2020 by Christian Doud

As the clock ticks towards the time when RFI’s, RFP’s etc. will begin including language requiring CMMC certification, Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors are, wisely, beginning to shop for solutions and prepare for their audits.  We thought it might be helpful to share the list of official CMMC auditors to date:










Yes this page is displaying correctly.  That’s right, there are no official CMMC auditors yet. Zero.  While contractors are right to begin preparing their policies, plans and systems for the impending CMMC paradigm, they must be careful not to fall prey to the onslaught of fake certifiers and fly-by-night “experts”.  A quick Google search will produce dozens of suspect, previously unheard-of, companies with names like “” and “”.

Some of these opportunistic entrepreneurs might eventually become auditors, certifiers etc.  In the meantime, however, the right approach for preparing your organization for CMMC is to become NIST 800-171 compliant now. That gets most contractors near the CMMC goal line.  And while CMMC consulting/compliance/auditing competition will ultimately drive down the cost to buyers, real NIST 800-171 consultants and practitioners have likely been in the DoD compliance game for some time.

Be wary of those claiming to do what they can’t and/or haven’t.



Christian Doud, PMP is a Project Manager for Blue Mantle Technology. He has extensive experience in Cybersecurity, Management and Leadership.  Prior to joining Blue Mantle, Christian founded, ran and sold several successful ventures and worked internationally on various projects.  He holds a BSBA from Old Dominion University and several leading industry certifications including the PMP, Security+, and ITIL.

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