Lifecycle C&A Support

Prepare Certification and Accreditation (C&A) or Risk Management Framework (RMF) documentation

Our meticulous IA team members are skilled in preparing RMF documentation that strikes a balance between satisfying the security requirements without overwhelming and confusing the reader with excessive detail.  The certification packages we prepare are concise and streamline the process.

Coordinate with the various entities involved in the C&A process

The IA team members  have the experience to work seamlessly with the wide variety of security personnel involved in the C&A process and know  how to provide the various entities with the information they need, in the format required.

Perform preliminary IA system analysis to identify and avoid vulnerabilities

In conjunction with preparing the documentation and interacting with the relevant stakeholders, Blue Mantle also preforms IA system analysis to verify the design of a system or network and ensure security has been an integral component in  it’ s development.  This analysis discovers design flaws early and avoids the integration and operational problems often caused by considering security as an afterthought.

Perform preliminary system assessments

At various stages of development, the system or network should be assessed to track the status of the security posture.  These assessments allow vulnerabilities to be identified early and provide sufficient time for developers to remediate the vulnerability without jeopardizing the normal operation of the system.  This in turn enables the deployment of fully functioning and secure systems that are in compliance with agency or company policy.

Remediation of system vulnerabilities

Our highly technical security personnel are skilled in implementing and configuring security settings across a wide range of hardware and software products, from Operating Systems, applications, and databases to network and security appliances.  We can remediate security vulnerabilities and harden your systems and networks to ensure compliance with FISMA regulations.

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