Offensive Security

From password audits to full-scope penetration tests, we have solutions that help you thwart your adversaries.



Password Audit 

$ 499*

Conduct a password audit to identify and correct weak passwords that slipped through the cracks.

Phishing Campaign

$ 699*

Combine a realistic offensive phishing campaign with user education to gauge and increase organizational security.



Determine your external footprint and attack surface to know where to look for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

*Limitations and Exclusions may apply.

We believe penetration testing is necessary for all organizations.

Penetration testing assesses your organization for vulnerabilities from the perspective of a malicious attacker.

We understand that each client has unique budget and time constraints so we’ve designed targeted and scalable penetration tests for any customer.

Our Experts use the same tools, techniques, and procedures as real adversaries to uncover and exploit those vulnerabilities.  The end result is a more realistic view of your risk profile.

Password Audit

Strict password requirements do not prevent weak passwords for two main reasons. Users can fulfill password requirements while still making easily guessable passwords, for example “Spring2020!”. Second is that users often reuse passwords for different logins meaning if any one of those applications suffers a data breach the password into your network is available to anyone. A password audit will not only reveal passwords found in data breaches but also weak passwords that may bypass your password requirements.


Phishing Campaign

In 2019, 32% of data breaches involved phishing. We can help your organization lessen this risk by educating through attacker simulated phishing. Anyone can spot an amatuer phishing email but can the users in your organization spot a more advanced phishing email? We create a phishing campaign to simulate a malicious actor by utilizing open source intelligence gathering to create a believable emails to test your organizations users. We will then provide user education to train your employees to see the phish.


Before an attacker conducts an attack he learns about his enemy through the use or reconnaissance to determine the attack surface and potential weaknesses. What better way to find your attack surface and weaknesses than by having reconnaissance conducted on your organization. This report will not only show you what an attacker sees but also insight into where you may need to bolster security.

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