Security Engineering and Design

Secure Design

The bad guys never go away.  Neither will we.  Cybersecurity can’t be a plug & play proposition. Your business and systems will grow and so will your Cybersecurity needs.

Blue Mantle has the expertise to lock down your system using DoD level standards and industry best practices.  From small business network security to National Defense, we design secure systems tailored to the needs of your organization. 

Configuration and Hardening

A secure system is only as good as its configuration.  On most security appliances and software, default settings should be customized for the user and the mission.  A single misconfigured setting can allow an attacker to gain a foothold inside your system.

We have years of experience hardening systems across diverse security levels, hardware, software and operational requirements.

System Optimization

We understand that Cybersecurity is not a “one size fits all” endeavor. Blue Mantle tailors every solution to your needs. 

We leverage our industry expertise, considerable experience and organizational efficiencies to help your systems work smarter and faster.  That means you save money in procurement, maintenance and operations.

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